The premier tabloid is a national weekly tabloid anchored on the classical tabloid tradition driven by truth, fairness, balance and objectivity the hall mark of responsible journalism.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, the premier’s commitment to the advancement of good governance, democratic values, and our exemplary leadership qualities have remain unquestionable.

The distribution of our newspaper wide as Premier News Tabloid is widely circulated through-out the federation, as we have uninterrupted and undivided loyal readers across the country.

Also, our readership strength and reach is formidable, as we have loyal readers across the country. Our readers always give us feedback on our different platforms and feedback channels

Why readers love Premier News

Our readers love The Premier News Tabloid basically because of our undying and diluted news and reports we disseminate. As earlier mentioned, our team comprises of veterans, professionals and young brains, as we prioritise balanced  news reporting, analysis and investigation.

Online Platform

Our online platform is also a strong part of our asset as we have a high level of online readers and followers. We also decided to include a wider variety of news options and categories that makes our news portal very interesting and interactive to visit. Our site is colorful, bright, user friendly, and mobile friendly