RRS Arrest Two Corporate Thieves In Lagos


In a statement released on official social media handle of Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command, it was gathered that two corporate thieves which include; 18-year-old Seun Jimoh, a trainee auto-engineer that abandoned his mechanic work for pickpocketing in Oshodi because it was more profitable and 22-year-old Joseph Adeoye have been arrested.

corporate thieves

Jimoh who had already stolen 4 phones was arrested after his two earlier victims Onuh Austine and Onesimus Paul raised an alarm after they saw him removing N18, 000 from the pocket of a commuter, Gbenga Odeniyi during a bus stampede. Jimoh decked in brown jackets and trousers, promptly dropped the money and took to his heels but RRS operatives close to the scene chased and caught him. The operatives after listening to all the accusations requested the victims’ phone numbers which they dialed, and their phones were found in Jimoh’s handbag.

Confessing to committing the said crime, Jimoh said;

“On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I am always in Oshodi pickpocketing. I steal an average of eight phones on Mondays and maybe like nine phones on Fridays. I don’t really get more than five phones on Wednesdays’.

corporate thieves

On the other hand, Joseph Adeoye, dressed in black suit was arrested after he was spotted removing a phone from handbag of a shopper during the commissioning of a shopping mall in Ikeja. He further confessed to have stolen several mobile phones and wallets in the same manner.

He said ‘I live in Ibafo, from where I come to Lagos visiting choice gatherings to pickpocket’.

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