Woman Produces 1.75 Gallons a Day & Donates 700 Gallons of Breast-Milk to Charity


Adekunle Samuel


Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has been called a super producer, a pumping queen and even a milk goddess. But this Oregon mother of two calls herself something a little more humble: “I’m a mom with a gift.”

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has hyperlactation syndrome, causing her to produce 1.75 gallons of milk a day, with 5,000 ounces stored in her freezer. Over the past three years, the she has donated 700+ gallons of milk

woman donates breastmilk, Woman donates 700 gallons

She has become well-known in Beaverton, Oregon, for her decision to donate her breast milk to families in need — a lot of breast milk.

She revealed that she has donated at least 78,000 ounces of milk, which is more than 600 gallons, since her older daughter Isabella was born two-and-a-half years ago, almost twice the world record in what she describes as her “labor of love.”

The “milk goddess” donates her supply to milk banks, which is then distributed nationwide. She also supplies it to local moms and families in her community.

She said:

“I definitely feel good about being able to help people, but I also think it’s kinda ingrained in who I am”

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