Mr Eazi’s LinkedIn Profile Reveals Him As An Intern At The Company He Claimed Paid Him $6k Per Month

Abiodun Focus

Singer Mr Eazi revealed yesterday that he quit a lucrative oil and gas job in Port Harcourt that paid him about $6,000 per month to go into music.

He said; “After I came back from Ghana, I got a job in oil and gas in Port Harcourt that paid about six thousand dollars per month but I quit because I was not finding fulfillment in it. I mean it was the same thing every day, the same routine over and over again.”

Eazi, whose real name is Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, also shared a throwback photo of himself at the company, via IG today

As some fans won’t have it the way Mr. Eazin presents it, Nigerians went digging and discovered that his LinkedIn professional profile clearly states that he was at the job for just 6 months as an intern, curiously ask if they pay interns 6k dollars?



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