Police IG x-Squad Killed SARS Official in Rivers State


Adeboye Abiodun

A team of SARS officials who went on an operation to search a suspect house have been shot dead by fellow policemen believed to be IG x-squad in Port harcourt.
The men of the SARS during the search discovered some laptops and locally made shot gun in the house of the suspect.

However, during the search one of the suspects call his friend from the IG x-squad that arm rubbers are rubbing their house.

When the IG x-squad team got there, they order the SARS officials surrender their arms but the inspector who led the SARS team refuse but introduce himself and did same for his other teammates.

The IG x-squad said they are not convinced but the SARS inspector told them if they have any doubt, call can be put through to his commanding officer and also call their O/C SARS with a number he presented or better still take them there for confirmation, but the x-squad refused.

He told them to call the CP or still take them there for confirmation but they reply by saying they are not working with the CP that they are answerable to the IGP.

These led to some argument after the inspector insists he will not surrender his arms to them. The doggedness of the SARS officer in turn got one of the IG x-squad angry and later opened fire on the inspector who died at the spot of the incident.

Meanwhile in a reaction, the Police authority have released a signal stating the IG x-squad were tipped after receiving a distress call that one Azumana Ifeanyi has been kidnapped from his resident at Oroazi Road, Port Harcourt by some suspected kidnappers, led to one Fidelity bank in the area to withdraw a sum Five hundred naira (N500,000).

The Police claimed the suspects were dressed in F-SARS uniform and ushered the Ifeanyi into their green colour Toyota camry car which they use in conveying the victim to the bank to withdraw the aforementioned sum or get killed.

The X-squad said it swiftly intercepted the gang while the team leaderwas identifying himself with his identity card before one of them quickly opened fire on the inspector leaving him with serious injury on his arm.
The response team hitherto fired back at the suspected kidnappers which left the gang leader dead while two others escaped.

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