Sweden To Deport World Oldest Refugee


Stephen Adeniran



Sweden has taken actions to deport the oldest refugee,Bibikhal Uzbek who was born in 1910 and arguably the world’s oldest refugee.

In the autumn of 2015, she received a lot of attention in the international media, when she arrived in Europe amid the peak of the refugee crisis. Today, the 106-year-old is about to get deported to her home country.

Spunik reports that Bibikhal arrived in Sweden after a long journey which took her through Croatia and Germany among other countries, where she was reportedly carried on the shoulders of her son and grandson, it was portrayed as an idyllic finale with a happy ending.

Now, her family’s asylum application has been rejected, which means that Uzbek, who will turn 107 this autumn, will have to return to her home country Afghanistan.

Sweden’s Migration Board does not consider advanced age a sufficient reason for granting asylum in and of itself. Additionally, Bibikhal’s home region in northern Afghanistan is considered to be safe to return to.

When the message of the coming expulsion arrived, the old woman had a stroke; since then, she has been unresponsive. At present, she is bed-ridden in her family’s apartment in the town of Hova in Gullspång Municipality.

Expectedly, the expulsion decision triggered strong reactions from Swedes, whose hospitality towards immigrants has become legendary in recent years.

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