Just In: 3 Hunters Jailed In Bauchi for Butchery Two Antelopes

Timileyin Oriowo


A group of hunters will be facing 5 months in Jail for killing two African antelopes in Bauchi state Game reserve.

The journalist reported that the three hunters name Mai-Riga Ahmadu, Munkailu Sani, and Umar Hussaini were arrested on July 19th around Tungan-Kifi at Yankari Game reserve in Bauchi state.

The hunters, who originate from Kashera reportedly killed a harvester (African Antelope) and Water buck (another type of large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa) before their arrest.
They were each slammed with a five-month jail sentence with an option of a N100, 000 fine each. They were unable to pay the fine and so all three were incarcerated

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