Today Makes It The 100th Day Since Our Dear President Left Us In Nigeria


Adekunle Samuel



Today — Tuesday 15th August — makes it 100 days since President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria for a second medical vacation in the United Kingdom, this year.

The president has spent more days in the UK than he has in Nigeria. He has undoubtedly broken many records and set new ones.
Consequently, many Nigerians are worried about Nigeria with Buhari at the helm.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, renowned development economist with 25 years experience at the World Bank, always asks an interesting question, which I would like to ask today: Who is the president of Switzerland? Do you know? Have you heard of Doris Leuthard? If you need a name, hers is the name you get as the current president of Switzerland.However, in the real sense, Switzerland does not really have a president. The country is led by a council of seven members who form what is regarded as the “collective head of state” of the Swiss Federation. One of the seven members (often the most senior) is named president for a year, while the entire council remains the “head of state”. And for 2017, the president is Doris Leuthard.

The local and international community really do not care much about who is head of state in Switzerland — as long as the country works. If Leuthard were in UK for 100 days, the Swiss government will run fine and smooth.

But this is not the case in Nigeria. Here, only one man is President, head of state, minister of petroleum resources and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and his name is Muhammadu Buhari. The constitution makes him a god, the all powerful. Not minding the fact that he is from Daura, Katsina, a stroke of his pen can allocate oil blocks in faraway Niger Delta. This “most high” in the Nigerian government has been away from the country for 100 days.

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