90 People To 1 Barrel of Nigerian Oil- Kemi Adeosun


The Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun,  announced that Nigeria is not an oil economy which will have to share Nigeria oil at the ratio of ninety individuals to one barrel of oil.

Adeosun took to Facebook live and twitter on Thursday to explain issues on Nigerian economy and #TaxThursday.
she disclosed that the Federal Government has signed a policy to tax first class and business air tickets alongside other luxury goods.

“We signed something yesterday on luxury goods; champagne, brandy, whiskey, wine, jewelry, high-end jewelry,” Adeosun said.

“We’ve signed something that will bill access charge on first class and business class tickets, we are just doing the final parts of the implementation and we also want to try and amend the tax payer book on high end cars, luxury cars.”


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