I’m That Creepy Lizard You Fall In Love With – Zainab Zamani


Nigerian US-based model Zainab Zamani is setting Instagram on fire. No day passes without the beautiful and curvy ebony posting a picture that ultimately makes people comment. 

Recently, the model posted what looked like some nude pictures of herself in different positions and as expected the comments started to flow again, but many didn’t fancy her going to the edge. But the model expected it and replied with her own wonderful thoughts

“ I know some dumb person would say some shit. I was not naked I totally had glitter on me and If I was, I would love every bit of it, stay in your lane,” she shot back

Definitely, sure of herself, she added, “I am that creepy lizard you fall in love with”

But why would Zainab want to go unclad when clad she’s still some sight for sore eyes?

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