Lagos State Police Indicate Concern Over Rising Suicide Cases


The Lagos ​State Police Command has said the number of people who have committed suicide in Lagos between January and March alone in 2017 has nearly passed the entire number for the year 2016.

According to information gathered, the command showed that suicides, both attempted and real, within the Lagos metropolis in 2016, totalled five persons. This year, however, four persons had attempted to take their lives between the months of January and March.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, who was reacting to the trend, acknowledged that there has been an increase in the number of suicide cases within the Lagos metropolis in 2017, adding that people who survived a suicide attempt were likely to try again.

Owoseni recorded that the marine recovered the body of another unidentified person while trying to recover the body of Dr. Allwell Orji who attempted a successful suicide two weeks ago.

The dust generated by the incident was yet to settle when another woman reportedly attempted to commit suicide but was rescued by fishermen at the Maza Maza area, on the Lagos suburb along the Lagos-Badagry expressway, adding that a couple of days later, the RRS had rescued two women who attempted to jump into the lagoon.

One of the women, Abigail Ogunyinka, actually succeeded in jumping into the lagoon but was quickly rescued by divers. The other woman, Taiwo Titilayo Momoh, was, however, rescued while attempting to jump into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge.

The women attributed huge debts as reasons why they wanted to take their lives. Ogunyinka said: “I owe two microfinance banks – one N60,000 and the other N90,000 – and the banks have been troubling me

I have looked all through and there is no help. I don’t want to face embarrassment. I took my househelp along with me and I told her we were going to the market. I took her along so she would tell my people and those that I owe that I did not run away with their money.

I wanted her to tell them that I had ended my life, but, she raised an alarm when I plunged into the lagoon. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone with her because I am going back to the same problem.”

On the other hand, Momoh said: “I am blaming the police and the people who rescued me. I am a trader at Balogun Market and I took goods from four foreigners who trusted me.

I owe $36,000 and I was swindled by a bureau de change operator. Since I was duped, I have not been sleeping. It is as if I am carrying a heavy load. I have not been sleeping. I see those I owe in my dreams.”

Though in the past there were reported cases of people who committed suicide in Lagos, events of the last 11 days have become a source of worry to many residents of the state.

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