Bukky Abaniwonda On A Mission To Fight Violence Against Women


Riding on two successful outings in the movies, Bridges and The End, in which she played lead roles, Canada- based thespian, Bukky Abaniwonda has promised to bring her game to the Nigeria movie industry, saying acting is much more than just interpreting roles.

According to the actress, the decision to return home stems from a need to be able to explore Nollywood and what it’s got to offer.

“I’m trying to network with producers and directors in the industry and just getting a feel of the industry from the insiders, what it takes to stand out, to carve a niche for myself. Acting is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said.

Although she holds a Masters in Finance and works as a Financial Advisor with a reputable bank in Canada, the actress intends to address a lot of societal issues that have always been close and dear to her heart through her craft.

Among those issues, she says, is the rising incidence of violence against women. With the advent of social media, more of those cases have been brought to light and, according to the actress, there is a growing need to stem it in its tide.

Citing the movie, Dry, by Stephanie Okereke, as an example of a flick that addresses societal ill, she says that her desire is to be a part of productions that could help to give light to some of those issues.

Only recently, she featured in a commercial, alongside actor/singer, Falz Tha Bad Guy.

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