Sultan Of Sokoto, Abubakar Salutes Primate Ayodele On His Birthday




By Jumu’ah Abiodun

Sa’adu Abubakar the Sultan of Sokoto has spoken glowingly of Servant of Most High God/Spiritual Head of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, during his birthday celebration in Lagos.

The spiritual head of Muslims in Nigeria who was represented by Alhaji Aminu Idris Yaro, the Sarkin Hausawan Lagos, during the celebration at the church’s Isolo, Lagos state premises, noted that the primate is a brother from another mother.

He also noted that he was proud of his commitment to the Muslim community and advised every Nigerian to promote unity in their communities regardless of their religious differences.

“I am a proud Muslim but when I see my Christian brothers extend their hands of fellowship to Muslims, it is a fulfillment of the scriptures,” he stated.

While quoting John 3:16, the Sarkin Hausawan noted that Christians need to follow the teaching there in and do according to the scriptures, adding: “the primate is a brother from another mother” and donated about two million naira on behalf of the Arewa community in Lagos, to people going on pilgrimage as sponsored by the INRI Spiritual Head.

In his response to the Sultan’s gestures, Primate Ayodele who was overjoyed by the presence of the people who thronged his Isolo base, noted that the words of the Sultan through his representative have proven that Boko Haram members are not Muslims, but “terrorists we need to do away with in our societies.”

“We don’t want crisis in Nigeria. We pray for our president that the Lord should keep him and bring him back,” he added.

Speaking on why he decided to host such a large gathering of people and feast, empower and send them abroad, the highly revered ‘servant of the most high’ as the people fondly refer to him, stated categorically that he does not get money from anybody.

“But I feel happy when these people; the vulnerable, the widows, orphans, underprivileged, prisoners and others are in a good state of health and mind regardless of their religious background and ethnic divide,” he said.

While advising other prominent men of God to do more of uniting Nigerians through such simple gestures, the primate said: “I appeal to other great men of God in this country, we should do more of these for the people; to speak more on unity of religion and show the love to people from other religions.”

He hinted the journalists who were present at the meeting that he would be visiting Southern Kaduna with a select number of people, to witness (first hand) the level of damage that has been committed before knowing exactly what to say about the alleged killings.

According to him: “I have to first go there before saying anything, I cannot comment on the killings in Southern Kaduna based on what some people have told us on the pages of the paper.

“We really need to unite Nigerians and sitting down in Lagos to make statements on what happened in Kaduna state will not be fair enough.”

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