Nigerian Model Exposes ‘Private Part’ in Valentine’s Day Bikini Photo


Nigerian model and former housemate of the Big Brother Africa reality Television show, Beverly Osu has threatened the sanity of her Instagram followers with a suggestive Valentine’s Day photo.


Lingerie model, Beverly Osu in the mood of the Valentine’s Day hysteria rocked a transparent bikini outfit with a touch of red.

The picture was taken on the beach by Metrography in what has been described as a ‘test shoot’. The actress stirred up controversy as she appeared to have dragged up her panties unnecessarily with her v*gina almost exposed in the process.

This distracted her thousands of fans from her sweet message of love which goes thus:

“Love knows no limit 

I am in love for sure cause every time I see you, I yearn to love you more.

Every single day, I am grateful for you.

If , out of time . I could pick one moment and keep it shining always new, I will pick the moment I met you”

Meanwhile, the controversial model linked with lesbianism has remained apologetic in the face of a bitter argument on her page in criticism and counter-criticism of her outfit and seductive action.

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