Winners Golden Bet Set To Mark 3rd Year Anniversary in Style


Olawale Salawudeen

One of Nigeria’s finest sports betting company, Winners Golden Bet is set to mark its 3rd year anniversary with a sublime valentine party on Tuesday, the 14th of February 2017.

The Executive Director of Winners Golden Bet, Mr. Suleiman Olabanji made this known at a media parley at the weekend.

The event which will feature the likes of comedian, Omobaba, singer, Adekunle Gold and Jayson is set to be a memorable one to roll on the year for the loyal fans of Winners Golden Bet.

According to the Executive Director of Winners Golden Bet, “the company is focused on delivering the best and most consistent betting service in Nigeria and that is why it is celebrating the third year anniversary in this manner.”

Mr. Suleiman Olabanji also said that the company has been raising millionaires since it started its operations.

He said: “we have made people millionaires through what they stake and we have paid them, we are unveiling them for people to see that it is true. The game is real, is not just a game but a business and people are benefiting. We have given out so much money, some individuals have won N6million, N3million, N8million and more.

Sometimes, in a day we pay more than N200million to N400million because it spread across, it is not just one person and the highest an individual has staked in the game is N13million. There is no day we don’t sign money, an average winning that we sign in a day is close to N15million.”

“We are bringing in new games because we are looking at games that would attract business to our agents. We encourage people by giving them Computer set and printer as part of entrepreneurship,” he said.

Olabanji described the business as a redistribution of wealth, explaining that the company is left with a small amount of money it holds on to which is less than five percent from which it pays salaries, put structures in place.

“we do a whole lot of financial management to sustain the business. Somebody must win everyday so we redistribute wealth, it is a poverty alleviation programme. We do overdraft to pay strategic winnings.”

He also stated the level of women participation in the game, he disclosed that most people in the online transaction are women who seat down in their house and engage themselves in playing sport betting and predicting games, especially female bankers. In particular, he said that the risks involved; delay in achieving cashless economy, poor power supply; are major challenges to the business.

“The major challenge in this business is power, this business provide employment to a lot of people but what kill the business is unstable power supply, people spend so much money buying fuel and these are  people who what they make daily cannot be more than N3000 or N5000. If it is possible for people to make N3000 without spending money on fuel, it is possible for them to stay in the business, so power is a major problem in the business.

“Another problem is government’s over taxation, the tax burden for this kind of business is excessive, we pay both state and federal, we pay all kinds of government taxes, so there is a sort of over taxation on the industry, by the government,” he said.

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