Why Power Sector’s Growth Is Limited- NIPPs

Akamanu Jennifer

A combination of factors, including lack of funding, incompetence and inconsistent government policies, has been blamed for the stunted growth of the power sector.

The sector generates barely 3,000 megawatts (Mw) of electricity to a population of about 180million. This development has further affected power supply in the country and compounded its unemployment.

The government is experiencing policy somersaults, which has made it difficult for the industry to have a clear-cut agenda in maximizing its potential for growth.

It was further learnt that the government has, in recent times, tried to assemble a crop of technocrats and engineers to make the industry have a sense of direction and boost its production, but this has not helped the situation.

A former Executive Director, National Independent Power Projects (NIPPs), Dr. Albert Okorogu, said the electricity industry was facing crisis, because there were no quality policies.

Okorogu added that people who have the right skills, passions and motivations for the industry do not have the opportunity to lead the sector, lamenting that lack of skilled manpower has been a huge challenge in the sector.

Okorogu said the government alone cannot provide the funds required to grow the sector, and should therefore seek investors within and outside the country, in order to move the industry forward.

Okorogu said: ‘’The Federal Government does not have the resources to deliver enough electricity, improve the distribution and transmission channels in the country.

The costs are of providing these facilities are enormous, because it runs into trillions of dollars. That is the reason why private local and foreign investors have to come in to assist the industry.’’


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