Stunning: Nigeria Exhaust $1bn On Overseas Training

Akamanu Jennifer

The Centre for Management Development says Nigeria spends at least $1bn on overseas trainings.

The Director-General of the centre, Dr. Kabir Usman, said at a News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja that thousands of Nigerians usually attended overseas training.

He said, “At least not less than 200,000 Nigerians go for overseas training.

“In each of them, you don’t spend less than $10,000 because you have to pay for the DTA, you have to pay for the air ticket, and you have to pay for the school fees.

“If you look at this, definitely it is not going to be less than $10,000.

“Let’s just assume that it’s not $10,000 dollars, but $5,000 dollars, and if there are only 200,000 Nigerians out of 186 million population now, you will see that 200,000 is a drop in the ocean.

“If you multiply $5,000 dollars by 200,000 that is going to give you one billion dollars, so we spend about $1bn for overseas trainings.

“If you translate that on an exchange rate of N300 per dollar, we are talking of about N300bn.

He said at the end of 2014, there was a directive from the Office of the Head of Service, in conjunction with Secretary to the Government to domesticate and localise training.

Usman said the local content agenda was in terms of capacity application.

He stated that it was a different matter whether or not Nigeria achieved the objective of the agenda.

According to him, if the country can domesticate one per cent of N300bn spent on overseas training, it will create one million jobs for Nigerians.

He said the centre had written to the Office of the Head of Service and the Secretary of Government to allow it to gate keep because it had a database of all the list of training programmes accredited by CMD.


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