Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War Has Ended – PDP


The National Caretaker Committee of the People’s Democratic Party said President Muhammadu Buhari had clearly shown to Nigerians that his anti-corruption war has ended.

Besides, it said that the war on corruption was merely targeted at the members of the opposition alone.

The party also said that it was evidently clear now that the President’s anti-corruption war was merely a farce as those serving in his government or close to him “can do no wrong.”

It said that with the letter by the President which was read on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday, clearing the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, of any wrongdoing, the President had finally confirmed the PDP earlier assertion that the anti-corruption war was a ruse.

It also described it as a witch-hunt aimed at harassing the PDP members and perceived enemies of the administration.

The spokesperson for the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led caretaker committee, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, stated this in a statement.

He said it was sad that all those serving in the government and were accused of one crime or the other, had been cleared of any wrongdoing irrespective of the weight of evidence against them.

Adeyeye, a former minister of state for works, accused the President of turning his government to what he described as a “judicial clearing house” by issuing clean bill of health to all those accused of corruption in his government.

He alleged that this was being done just because the accused persons “are members of the All Progressives Congress and friends of the administration.”

Adeyeye said, “It is no longer news that all those who are serving in the government of President Buhari or who are members of his party, the APC within the last two years of his administration have all been cleared of any wrongdoing; notwithstanding documentary and other incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

“The Presidency in today’s dispensation is the ‘judicial clearing house’ issuing clean bill of health to all accused corrupt officials who are members of the APC and friends of the administration.

“It is quite disturbing that the President cleared his SGF of wrongdoing despite the weighty evidence of his ‘grass-cutting abilities’ uncovered by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, implicating Babachir of complicity in the award of contract relating to the IDP Camp in Borno State amounting to over N200m.”

He said that it was more worrisome that the President made light of the Department of State Services report, which he said, allegedly indicted Magu of several unwholesome and corrupt practices in the line of his duty.

Adeyeye also said that while President Buhari saw nothing wrong in the DSS report on Magu, the same President was quick to order the invasion of homes of judges in a commando-style following a report from the same DSS.

While accusing the government of using double standard in its fight against corruption, Adeyeye added that it appeared that the APC-led government was implementing two constitutions in Nigeria.

“One for the PDP and other opposition parties and their leaders while the other is for the ruling party, the APC and friends of this administration,” he added.

Adeyeye also recalled that in 2016, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, was cleared of all accusations by the President “even with convincing evidence of owning choice property in Dubai beyond his income; and also overwhelming evidence of misdeeds while serving as Director of Procurement in the last administration.”

Notwithstanding, he said that the President cleared him by attributing his ownership of choice property to diligent and thrifty saving of his wages.

He regretted that the President however went after Supreme Court Justices for owning properties as if the judges too couldn’t have saved money from their own wages.

Making other inferences, Adeyeye said Nigerians should not have confidence in the ability of the government to fight corruption anymore.

Still referring to the ‘not guilty’ verdict the regime had been handing over to members of the APC, Adeyeye said, “In the same vein, ‘Buhari’s Court’ also cleared the Minister of Interior, Gen. Abdulrahaman Dambazzau (retd.) for allegedly  owning properties worth over N1.5bn in the United States of America.

“In fact, rather than being prosecuted, he was rewarded with the highest budget vote in the 2017 Budget.”

He said Nigerians should not forget that some judges currently undergoing trial for corruption also mentioned names of two serving ministers, alleging that they (the ministers) attempted to influence them.

The ministers mentioned by the judges were the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi and the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onuh.

Both of them had vehemently denied the allegation.

Adeyeye said, “These and many others too numerous to mention are instances of allegation of corruption and misdeeds against officials and members of this administration.

“They have all been cleared of these weighty allegations without due process in what must be seen by Nigerians as a complete cover up of the stench in this administration.

“Against this backdrop, it is very clear that the anti-corruption war of the President Buhari is a farce. Those who are serving or close to him can do no wrong. And if you are a sinner, simply cross over to the APC and all your sins will be forgiven.

“Without any fear of contradiction, we hereby further assert that the anti-corruption war of the President is a complete failure. President Buhari must allow the trial of all the above mentioned officers and members of his cabinet who have been found wanting with proof of corruption practices.

“Otherwise, we will conclude that it’s the end of the so called anti-corruption crusade. It’s time to end the deception of Nigerians. No more lies!”


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