2Baba Leads Anti-Government Nationwide Protest


Not new to throwing his hat into the political arena, popular Nigeria musician, Innocent Idibia, also known as 2Baba is leading a protest against federal government’s alleged poor handling of the economy among other sundry issues.

Idibia announced his plans on Wednesday on his Instagram page, stating that the protest would hold nationwide on February 5.

“A call for good governance,” he said, “Calls for urgent explanation into the reckless economic downturn nationwide. A call for nationwide protests as we say: No to the Executive, No to legislatures, No to judiciary. You have all failed us.”

He added there was a “need for Nigerians to rise against what is happening in this country having waited patiently for the legislatures that were elected to represent the people all to no avail.”

2Baba has been an advocate for youth’s participation in politics with much of his activism devoted to campaigning against electoral violence.

Through his “Vote Not Fight: Election No Be War” initiative, he sought to dissuade youths from engaging in political thuggery.

He noted that Nigerians should begin to start questioning the government’s handling of the economy recession, the Niger-Delta peace, Fulani herdsmen attacks in different parts of the country and inability of state governments to pay workers’ salaries.

“Where are the recovered looted funds? Why do we still have the executive arms and legislatures still enjoying their salaries and allowances while we hear there’s no money to pay workers?

“Why do we still see ceaseless power failures with no explanation and hope of getting out of it unlike before? “Why do we keep seeing peace talks in Niger Delta, Fulani herdsmen and IPOB without any solutions being reached? While the strategies keep aggravating the people involved, political leaders stage fora to extort funds in the name of addressing their subjects.”


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