Why I Hand Over Power — Gambia’s Yayah Jammeh


The former President of The Gambia has made a nationwide broadcast to the Gambian people, explaining why he decided to relinquish power and wishing the country well as it turns a new political corner.

Yahya Jammeh, who ruled the country with an iron hand for 22 years, gave the explanation on Saturday morning in a speech broadcast on the state-owned Gambian Radio and Television Service (GRTS).

In the speech, Mr. Jammeh said he did his best for his country, and decided to give up power because of his commitment to the security and peace of The Gambia.

He said be believed in the importance of dialogue and was particualrly pleased that the political impasse that gripped the country since December 2016 did not lead to any loss of life.

The former President did not however indicate what he planned to do going forward and whether he would continue to play any role in the politics of the tiny West African nation.

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