Stop Comparing Hollywood With Nollywood – Alex Ekubo


Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo has urged movie lovers to desist from comparing movies made in Nigeria to that of American movies.

With the right funding, same picture quality, sound and other elements can be found Nollywood movies, the Nollywod actor said.

Ekubo bared his mind on his timeline, stating that Hollywood blockbuster movies have large budget, which enable them to produce what we see.

“Stop pointless criticism,” he said.

“It doesn’t assist anyone or the industry, we are not where we want to be, but we are certainly not where we used to be, don’t “command” use your Avengers or Superman taste to judge our struggling Nollywood, those Hollywood blockbusters have outrageous budgets, ranging from 80million – 800million dollars, so please bear with us, we are doing the best we can.”

He said further that celebrities are also human and are prone to make certain mistakes in life, like other people on the street: “Please we entertainers are just as human as you, we fart, sleep, eat, love, make mistakes, hurt and feel pain like you do, Don’t bother yourself with anybody’s “wrong choices”, it’s hard enough for them already, commenting maliciously will only make matters worse, if you really care just say a silent prayer and move on.”


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