I Have Never Been Niyola’s Boss – Banky W


EME Boss and Nigerian R and B singer, Banky W has said he is a fan and not a boss of EME’s first lady, Eniola Akinbo, popularly known as Niyola.

Banky W relishes the beautiful voice of his female artiste and has said he will continue to be a fan of Niyola.

Acording to him, “I have always been a fan of her voice and what she brings to the table and as a fan am awaiting her album, I want to see her complete the vision and release it to the people to showcase what she’s really capable of doing.”

“Many see me as her boss, but I see her as a fan, because honestly, the reason I signed her was because am a fan of her voice so I still remember.”

Banky W also went further to narrate how he met Niyola, he said, “I still remember the first day I met her, I was preparing for Ovation Christmas Carol, and as I was walking by the bathroom, I heard a female singing inside the toilet and I waited outside to meet her.  Her voice is beautiful from that day till now.”

While responding to questions about the release of Niyola’s album the EME boss said, “hopefully I’m a micro-managing type of boss, am not the person that says you must do this, or it must sound like this, it must be done like this, I have never done that to any of my artist. I let them paint the picture and I just add whatever I feel I need to add to package it and frame it to make it what it needs to be.”

“Her album would be completely determined by her, like if she’s ready to put her album right now, if she need a little more time, we will give her as much time she wants,” the music entrepreneur said.

Niyola is known to be one of the few Nigeria artistes that possess a sublime natural voice in which she exemplified it at the Yours Truly concert she staged at The Bridge, Lekki, Lagos.

She delivered a seemingly stress-less performance at the concert as Banky W watched her all through the concert.

Bank W said at the Yours Truly concert that, “If you pay attention to what she’s doing you will hear tonight that what she’s singing to night is the same thing she has always done from ‘toh bad’ to ‘love to love’ you name any of the single she has put out in the last two to three years she has been with us, they all sound like this pure RNB vocal.

She is someone committed to the music and the heart of it and am proud of her and I will continue to support her.”

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