Concerns Over Lake Rice, Plastic Rice In Lagos

Aftermath the celebration of the past festive season, Lagos State residents still bask in the euphoria of the provision of LAKE rice by Governor Akinwunmi  Ambode, however, there are concerns about the infiltration of plastic rice before and after the festive season.

According to residents who reside in Agege area said, the provision Akinwunmi Ambode has given them cannot be over emphasized, at first we were cynical over what the Governor is about to do but now we are happy as the Governor has at last put smile on our faces as we celebrated with joy.

As Nigerians troop in to purchase this long waited rice, it was observed that people filled different centers as many rushed to purchase the Lake rice.

As citizens celebrated the last Christmas, majority who were skeptical about the availability of the rice missed out lake rice, more also, some were frightened about the possible infiltration of plastic rice as it is now evident that the plastic rice is real.

The rate at which people disseminate information about plastic rice is alarming, as Premier correspondent observed some customers questioning sellers of foodstuff commodities.

According to a resident, Akanbi Olajide Said, I honestly commend the job the Governor has done, I am begging the Governor to try and make sure that this “plastic rice” is not mixed with the real rice, because individuals identify the fake from real.

In a chat with a retailer, Adebowale Yetunde said, the evidence Nigerian customs has given us is just not enough as this same plastic rice might be mixed with the original rice, which make things difficult for us.

The long awaited rice is now attained and still few moans about the news of this plastic rice, a Health Minister, Isaac Adewole said there is no evidence of plastic rice.

Investigation proves that plastic rice was produced in china last year , most indigenes still express doubt if some individuals still get this plastic rice as videos of this same rice was exposed sometimes late last year.

A passer by who listened to a conversation between Premier correspondent and a residents added that this year, ’’I showed my customer the video, it was so shocking and frustrating that during that week, I was scared to get rice, because Nigeria on its own is already corrupt where people burg into the country, (foreigners) to do all sort of weird acts and go without punishment’’.

However, findings show that plastic rice is not available in markets as such Premier correspondent urge all to be on alert incase they find any evidence which entails where the plastic rice is sold and the retailer or whoever is selling this fake plastic rice to the inexperienced consumers.

In a chat with some citizens across, they urge the Government to sanction foreigners who come to Nigeria to practice any job, ‘’If they come all the way from their country to Nigeria, it should hint something strong to our government because they find it difficult to commit a crime in their country, they said’’.

In an interview with a shop owner, Ibeh Nkechi said, it is callous, unjust; the perpetrators of this act should be prosecuted.

‘’Everybody is scared and unsettled about the issue of this plastic rice, when customers come to my shop, they are very cruel and ready to carry out experiments on the rice if what am selling is fake or original, and as God may have it I buy special rice, cap rice, Obama rice, my customers are happy with me and buy much that will sustain them’’.

A trader James Victus told the Premier that this is a dreadful occurrence that has happened to Nigerians, I see no reason why Nigerians should be importing rice when we have the manpower to produce rice, other countries are dependent that is why foreigners take advantage of us and use us at their own convenience, that is why China has given us a new brand of rice.

‘’Am urging my fellow Nigerians to be vigilant ,  because Chinese are out there to harm us since everything Nigeria own is made in China’’.

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