Settlers across Lagos state await patiently the manifestation of the plans of Lagos state Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode as regards availability of LAKE rice in the state.

In a chat with the some hopeful citizens in Lagos, they express their views that Government officials might not be sincere with the public as regards the availability of this rice for Christmas celebration. These hopeful citizens called for close supervision for the acclaimed nutritious rice to the public.

The Food Security special Adviser, Sanni  Okanlawon  to the Governor said, the Lake rice is more nutritious and wholesome than the imported rice and that citizens should exercise patience in this salient provision.

Reports from government and other sources claimed that the lake rice will be available in all markets and Local Government Areas in Lagos State but reverse seems to be the case now.

Investigation proved that major markets have not been flooded with the Lake rice.  In Iyana Ipaja and ipaja market, traders acknowledged that the Governor’s rice has not surfaced in major markets. People are getting a bit restless that the rice is absent in the market.

In a chat with Ibiam Christian said, everybody is just busy anticipating about the lake rice, as usual the government made the announcement without practicing the theoretical aspect, they have no idea on most Nigerians are expecting the rice badly after the announcement.

According to Balogun Oyindamola , it is not a must to give information to the public when at the long run , corruption will prevail even when it comes to the area of doing what is right.

‘’The Governor should give concrete and straightforward information to his special adviser on food security Sanni Okanlawon as regards this lake rice, he should ensure the price of rice will be sold for N13,000 to N12,000 which was displayed in all online media.

Premier correspondent observed that the Lake rice has not been distributed and some of the marketers have not heard about the rice.

It observed that most citizens do not give a say to what their leaders have in store for them or the provision the Government have for the concerned ones because the Governor has failed citizens woefully.

Nigerians added that this Christmas celebration will be awesome with or without the lake rice , since majority are adapting to what 2016 has to offer and the coming year. In an interview with a shoppers  Odumosu Gbenga said.

A buyer, Pascal Bashiru said the government message to the public are never consistent and I wonder when they will speak in one voice, what do they want the public to believe , it obvious  that when we rely on them we fail , the government are just making name for themselves by playing games on the citizens.

As many indigenes in Lagos State laud the Governor’s effort to make the celebration of Jesus Christ awesome in reducing the price of lake rice, the some have admonished the Governor to ensure stability of the rice to ease any future hike after the Christmas celebration.

Meanwhile, Local rice consumers reacted to the price of the rice proposed by the government, saying that the rice which would be sold for N13, 000 which have been shifted to N12,000 is still on the high side. Many expressed their views that there is no succor the Governor is providing for the common man on the street, expressing that only few can afford the rice at that price at the moment in the country.

A resident of Lagos, Charles Oyedele said, the imported rice we are used to should not be banned , instead, the governor should provide austerity measures for imported rice because we are not yet sure if this Lagos rice would be affordable and available for all.

According to a wholesaler Ayodeji Aladese, ‘’For me, I think Governor Ambode should place more priority on employment or job creation, if there is a reasonable job and allowance for hardworking graduate and jobless citizens, affording  imported rice or lake rice won’t be a problem.

December 15th as the Governor assured citizens has come and gone as Nigerians expect the circulation of the rice in major markets. Report made it clear that this provision is just for December celebration and not for the next future, instead of the Government assuming the rice will be diverted they should try their best to make it circulated for Nigerians to know the Governor has done its best to reduce inflation for one day celebration and in the next future that if there is a provision for that to the public.

In a chat with some settlers said Governor Akinwunmi Ambode , should rather be sincere about the circulation of rice rather than allaying fear on Nigerians as some of this populace are ready for what the Governor have in store for them.

Nigerians still awaits patiently this special rice as today mark the official day the rice is expected to hit the designated centres.

Lake rice is an initiative of Lagos state in collaboration with kebbi state to ensure that quality rice emanate from 2.5 metric tonne capacity mill to boost food production in the country.

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