Pandemonium As MMM Nigeria Technically Crashes


There are indications that MMM Nigeria may crash next year due to the signal alert sent to all facilitators of the financial scheme early this morning.

In a message sent to all the subscribers, MMM Nigeria notify them that nobody will be paid for the next 30 days.

This technical crash according to The Premeir Investigation was caused by the inability of the network to pay investors who have put in money into the system.

While MMM claims this is aimed at controlling the system as a result of the large number of people applying to “Get Help”, participants of the scheme are already in panic mood with fears that the scheme has finally crashed.

MMM blamed the Nigerian government for this new development claiming federal government red alert has succeeded in discouraging people from further participating.

Only yesterday, the creator of the “Ponzi Scheme”, Sergei Mavrodi called out the Nigerian government for its unprovoked attempt to ensure the scheme is pulled down.

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