Masses Moan As Inflation of Commodities Dawdle Hard


Nigerians all over the world has expressed grieve at the way the economy is being driven by the present administration, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, saying his regime is diving into ditch and looks hopeless.

The current situation in Nigeria today is growing ever worst with no hope for the masses, the afflicted, voiceless dwellers, powerless, in the league with the continuous hike in commodities.

Reactions poured in from citizens, as many claim this regime is the worst ever that they have experienced. In the market, a bag of rice that sells for eight thousand naira has over 100% increment in price now; seventeen thousand five hundred, a sachet of pure water is now twenty naira,  a bottle water is now 70 naira, just to mention a few – Masses groans with wrath and frustration.

In a chat with some aggrieved citizens, it was obvious that the prices of commodities increased with double of what they purchase before is infuriating the citizens, as many feel there is no hope from our government leaders to revive the dying economy.

According to a Marketer, Alice Ukaonu said, I don’t understand this country anymore, things just change with a gleam of an eyes, a container of palm oil is now sold for twenty two thousand naira, and other goods what exactly is wrong with our economy, she asked.

A shop agent, Oluwaseun Odunyemi said, it is so unfortunate that the so-called “economy recession” is not for everybody, some still blaze in money while the less privilege in the society feel inferior and neglected with the hike in commodities, some have reduced their ration of eating and buying since everything in Nigeria is costly.

It has been observed that most graduates really do not have a job to cope with this economy menace, and some who have secured a place through connection still don’t have a worthwhile allowance to help keep them afloat in this tight economy.

A cross section of residents interviewed across the country testified that Nigerians are in trouble since there has been a replacement of rice tag “plastic rice” which is now sold in some market with high price to the inexperience dwellers, it obvious that this year Christmas will be recorded as the worst experienced adventure this year.

“As we try to change our perception to the way the government wants us to, effects of the hike in commodity prices still linger hard and continuously, which make the masses useless in the country of “economy recession”. If prices of commodities increase and there is no “money” to get these commodities, there is a possibility of the frustrated to engage themselves in a criminal acts, president Muhammadu Buhari should stop fighting and travelling for what is not lost and do what is right since he is unable to fulfill his promises,” Esther Odeyemi said.

Speaking further with a marketer, Blessing Okafor added that, “prices of commodities increases and there is no customers to consume these stock, I and my other market mates have to convince and make this ones-‘customers’ get it out of marketing strategies and it is so funny that where I also buy from, they do not beg or persuade me to buy.”

I urge the president and his economic team to revert the economic back to normal, as things were better off before now. Buhari should act fast.

Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction over the poor management of the President Buhari administration and dwellers are urging him to proffer a long term solutions to our economy crisis presently.


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